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Moving Current has become a foundation for modern dance in the Tampa art scene.  After years of innovative performances, arts education and community projects within the bay area community we still stand strong and have a bright future ahead of us.  

With your help, we can continue to help our arts community thrive! Over 75 artists have graced the Moving Current stage since 1997. They are all artists that would not likely be presented in Tampa’s larger venues or be able to self-produce. This exciting and innovative work makes Moving Current’s concerts a large artistic contribution to your community.

We would not ask for your help during these challenging economic times if we felt we could survive without your donation. Any amount you can give is vital and would be deeply appreciated. You will directly contribute to our artistic goals, helping to nourish and enhance contemporary dance.

Please consider giving a donation of any amount.

Please contact for information on how you can donate. 

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If you are interested in supporting the collective’s endeavors through a Foundation or Corporation,
via donated goods, services or endowment, please feel free to contact Moving Current directly
at 813-237-0216 or by email at

Moving Current extends sincere appreciation to the following individuals and organizations for their continuing support.


Mr. Joseph Brodner    

Fellows $1000+

Technology Convergence Group Knox Family Foundation G.B. Stephens
Mr. & Mrs. David Cardinal Ms Lynne Wimmer M. Hennessy
Robin Gordon Virginia Knight Gobioff Foundation

Patrons $500+

Pilates Bodies Frank & Theresa Harding Nancy Cole
Ms. Helen Gandy O’Brien Patrick M. Finelli, Ph.D. Mr. Bill Hug
Mr. & Mrs. Kemp    

Sponsors $250+

Michael Foley and James Reese Ms. Gretchen Ward Warren Joan Burpee
Perdido Holdings Inc. Mark and Susan Scaglioni Floyd M. Fussell
Phillip Singer Charles & Mary Cecil Susan Taylor Lennon
Ms. Sandra Robinson Judy & Steve Manning Thomas & Paula Kramer
Ms. Jeanne Travers Dr. David & Francine Rosenberg  

Enthusiast $100+

Dr. Joy K. Johnson Jakelis & Ron Jakelis  
Karen Buesing Margaret M. Blue Joan Strauman
Denis and Jean Calandra Maria Pardo Stacee Cooney
Carl & Charlotte Russell Revell Shaw Victor Molinari
Dr. Dale Lee Coovert In Memory of Mark Marino Al & Maria Fernandez
Gerald & Nikki Dvorak Robert Dillinger Mary Ann Mershon

Companions $50+

Mike & Lisbie Rae Brian’s On Site Recycling Dr. Barbara Kazanas
Betty Perry Blaire Petitt Michelle Flint
Steve & Bonnie Freeman Kacy Curey Nancy Smith
Mr. & Mrs. L.J. Hennessy Dede Hewett Merry Lynn Morris
Lloyd Goldstein & Mary Bronson George & Karen Western Noa Spector-Flock
Thomas & Carol Miller Kalika Novoa Jennifer Salk
Lynn Norton Carla Armstrong Carol Mehlman

Friends $25+

Pat Fenda Andy & Dionne Noble Peggy Pennington
Mathew Curry & Maria Colaco BSusan Edwards Bradley S. Wright
Louis Hafner Henry Elis Michael & Susan Wheeler
Sarita & Howard Hadley Nancy Armitage Charles Bowen
Gary & Kay Lessner Elana Lanczi Todd Perkins

Students $15+

Heather Kemp Terry Messmer